Repurposed Antique Upright Piano

Repurposed Upright Piano

Repurposed Upright Piano

We recently completed a project where a customer had approached us about what to do with an 1890′s upright piano.  Well the piano innards were beyond repair and of little value, but the piano cabinet was amazing!  As you can see in the first picture the cabinet was covered in period style hand carvings, including claw feet.

The customer being an avid music lover decided he wanted to keep the spirit of the piano somehow.  So we removed the keys and retrofitted his modern electric keyboard into place!  Once that was completed we had an entire upper cabinet area devoid of all of its original parts– the perfect place to store things!  Even build a shelf and make this piano a one stop shop for his music literature and keyword.

In this last picture you can see the love and dedication Justin had put into repurposing this antique piano.  To save this work of art from the landfill and to give it a reason to be cherished instead of being seen as a waste of space.  Do you have a wild project or idea like this in your home? Contact Us today for an estimate!

Repurposed Upright Piano

Repurposed Upright Piano

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I got my start in the crazy world of online marketing. Shortly before that I met my, wonderful, then soon to be wife on, where else, myspace (it was still a thing back then). We have lived in and around the Short North for about 5 years. Through her I met one of her older brothers, Justin, who helped me for a solid year on getting my home ready for the Short North Tour of Homes & Gardens. Our mutual collaboration was so well received that within 3 months of the tour we had the ground work laid for and Justin handles most of the heavy lifting and has been a carpenter for about 7 years. My forte is lighting and marketing. We are both excited about this venture and cannot wait to see where it leads us. We cannot wait to work with you.

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