Repurposed French Door Table

We recently had a customer come in with a design and passion for a good looking kitchen table.  After kicking around ideas we came up with this; a repurposed french door table.  The door, like many of our materials, was destined for the trash.  With a little love, some creativity, and carpentry this one of kind table began to take shape.  The true divided light (TDL) or french door was a great choice because of the mix of wood and  glass– it gives the table a sense of weight without taking up too much visual space in the room.

Do you have a door, window, or piece of wood that has been sitting in the basement or garage for years?  Promising that you’ll do something with it eventually?  Let us put it to work!

Repurposed French Door Table

Repurposed French Door Table

About Steven

I got my start in the crazy world of online marketing. Shortly before that I met my, wonderful, then soon to be wife on, where else, myspace (it was still a thing back then). We have lived in and around the Short North for about 5 years. Through her I met one of her older brothers, Justin, who helped me for a solid year on getting my home ready for the Short North Tour of Homes & Gardens. Our mutual collaboration was so well received that within 3 months of the tour we had the ground work laid for and Justin handles most of the heavy lifting and has been a carpenter for about 7 years. My forte is lighting and marketing. We are both excited about this venture and cannot wait to see where it leads us. We cannot wait to work with you.

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